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In-Akustik Champagne and songs
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Champagner & Songs
Artist: A Tasty Sound Collection
Format: CD
Order No.: 0167965
Release Date: 30.04.2010
Label: inakustik
Genre: Pop International
•Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar (Wheeler, Cheryl)
•Auld Lang Syne/Bring Ist In Home... (Pidgeon, Rebecca)
•Got To Get You Into My Life (Baron, Christy)
•Up In The Attic (Newcomer, Carrie)
•Sunny (Stallings, Mary)
•The Blacksmith (O'Regan, Mary)
•At Sundown (Hot Club of San Francisco)
•Vincent (Sara K.)
•Baby,Now That I've Found You (Krauss, Alison)
•Take The "A" Train (Korb, Kristin & Brown, Ray Trio)
•Route 66 (Pizzarelli, Bucky & John)
•The Moved Through The Fair (Mac Gowan, Geraldine)
•Was It Something I Did? (Davenport, Jeremy)
•Papa Was A Rolling Stone (A La Carte Brass & Percussion)
•Special (Dalglish, Lou)
•New Day (Reprise) (Toss The Feathers)
•It's Alright (Smith, Jocelyn B.)


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